Do Skinny People Get Cellulite?

Cellulite treatments are one of the most popular skin treatments in the UK, as 95% of us have it. But what exactly is cellulite, other than dimpled fat that we all want to get rid of? Despite our eagerness to get rid of it, not many of us know what it really is or what causes it. Cellulite is most common in women, and can be influenced by genetics, hormonal changes, a poor diet and inactivity, and it doesn’t matter if you’re overweight or not. Yes, ‘skinny’ people can have cellulite too.

A woman’s body fat is different to a man’s. Higher levels of oestrogen affects how fat is burned, meaning that “(women) will often lose weight faster from the upper body (bust, waist and arms) compared to the lower body (hips, thighs, and bum)”, so many will be wasting their time in the gym if it’s cellulite specifically that they want to get rid of. Despite the fact that cellulite is basically fat, cellulite “is more than a fat issue. It is a fat and fibre issue” – the collagen in our skin is at the root of cellulite, so lowering your body fat isn’t enough.


One of the main causes of cellulite is, unfortunately, an unavoidable one. If your mother had it, you probably will too. The collagen fibres in a woman’s skin is generally structured differently to a man’s, which is what makes cellulite so much more likely. However, some women will inherit “collagen fibres that are more like a man’s” in terms of structure, and be less likely to have cellulite. Unfortunately, genetics are a completely lottery and a predisposition can’t be changed.


Our collagen and connective tissue weakens as we get older, so the skin loses elasticity and is more prone to cellulite. This is unavoidable, but for those who already have cellulite in their youth, it’s very disheartening to know that age could make it even worse. Cellulite can appear in the early 20s for those with a genetic disposition.

Blood flow and inactivity

Some are fortunately just naturally skinny without needing to exercise or modify their diet. However, sitting at a desk all day and avoiding the gym can make cellulite worse. Fat cells are encouraged by inactivity, and collagen isn’t, which is a dangerous combination. Plus, poor circulation is also a side-effect of a lack of exercise and movement, which weakens the skin’s tissue and contributes to the dimpled effect of cellulite on the lower body in particular.

As mentioned above, exercising regularly and burning fat isn’t a guaranteed cure, and your genetic make-up and age are also unavoidable factors. If you can’t shift your cellulite try our Acoustic Wave Therapy. Popular with Madonna, who has the same cellulite reduction machine that we have at our clinics, AWT has been used to break down kidney stones and treat muscle disorders, and is also effective for breaking down fat deposits. The treatment is completely painless, can improve skin elasticity, and tighten your connective tissue – tackling cellulite at its source.

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