Ditching the Razor for Laser Hair Removal


Laser hair removal is a permanent reduction solution to a constant problem and using this method means ditching the shaving equipment, tweezers and wax because these will no longer be necessary.

With this procedure being almost pain-free it really will make a different to those painful waxing sessions every few weeks. This will also guarantee a longer lasting effect that will keep you looking smooth, soft and healthier than ever.

This procedure cannot guarantee that every single follicle of hair will be removed, but it can guarantee the extreme reduction of hair growth. This treatment is perfect for anyone, any male or female, looking to ditch the razors for good and feel confident in new, smooth skin that is achievable within just a few months.

Here are steps of the procedure;


You will have a consultation with your technician/doctor to discuss where you would like the laser hair removal procedure to take place and after this an appointment will be booked.


At the appointment the area that is being treated will be shaved and then cleaned to ensure a clean, safe and precise procedure is done.


An anaesthetic cream will be applied; this will enable you to feel as comfortable as possible during the treatment where it will prevent any discomfort or pain experienced.


Once this has been applied and the cream has been absorbed slightly, the laser will be activated to the area being treated and you may feel a slight tingling sensation. This is caused by the beams of highly concentrated light which means the pigments located in the hair follicles are being absorbed and the highly concentrated light is damaging the surrounding follicles, which essentially will stop the hair from growing.


This procedure may be uncomfortable for some but for most cannot feel a thing and is usually not painful at all, however you may be feeling to put you at ease another dose of anaesthetic is applied which will decrease even more so the tingling sensations that you may be experiencing, making this the most comfortable and painless experience possible.


The sessions can last from one hour to just a few minutes as it all depends on the area being treated; how large or small the area being treated is depends on the amount of time spent during the procedure, however it will usually take no longer than an hour.


You may experience reactions such as redness and swelling around the treated area which will usually disappear within a few days, these reactions are all very normal so no need to worry, and you will be back to your daily activities almost instantly.


In order for the procedure to be fully effective and for the hair to be removed completely, you will need a number of sessions. You should attend the full course of around 4-6 sessions for the treatment to work.

These sessions will usually be over a course of 4-6 months where patients usually opt for a ‘once a month’ session, however the amount of sessions again depends on the area being treated and the amount being removed therefore the bigger the area the longer the sessions.

By opting for this treatment it will allow you to remove hair from those hard to reach places, for the men it will most likely be stubble that grows back almost instantly on the face. For women, it will probably be legs or armpits which are the most popular areas of treatment. This will benefit any male or female.

For many people, shaving or waxing is a “nightmare” because of the continual need to shave or wax, for some people this can be an everyday chore. Investing laser hair removal treatments can save everyone many hours of slaving over bodies in order to make the skin soft and smooth.

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