Did You Know The Laser Was Invented On A Park Bench?

The Laser In The Beauty Industry

Laser machines can be seen all over the UK in virtually every skin a and beauty clinic. From Laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal and laser pigmentation removal, the introduction of the Laser has reshaped and accelerated the beauty industry.

But it wasn’t always this way. Some skin conditions and treatments were simply not possible until the FDA approved the Laser for beauty treatments in 1997. The first Lasers used in Laser hair removal, aka ruby-based lasers, were quite ineffective and were limited to very dark coloured hair. The short wavelength of these Lasers meant that they would not only heat up the hair follicle but also the surrounding skin tissue, ouch! It wasn’t until the introduction of the Alexandrite Laser in the mid 1970s that the treatment became safe and effective. Fast forward a few years and the YAG laser was invented which also allowed people with dark skin to be treated effectively.

Invention Of The Laser

You would think that such a breakthrough in technology would have been been conceived in some top secret lab but this could not be further from the truth. Charles H. Townes, the inventor of the ubiquitous Laser, came up with the idea whilst sat on a bench outside a restaurant waiting for it to open so he could by breakfast. 

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Charles Townes, who helped invent now-ubiquitous laser, dies




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