Dare to Bare: Treating Stretch Marks


You have a date with a special someone and want to slip on that fierce low-cut off-the-shoulder number. Or you have a date with the beach and a trashy novel and want to wear your bathing suit. Whatever your plans, don’t let stretch marks get in the way. Dare to bare!

What are Stretch Marks?

Pesky, is what they are! Stretch marks are bands or lines on your skin that look and feel different to your normal skin. They run the spectrum from light grey or silvery to bright pink or purple. They may feel raised and ridge-like or indented.

Stretch marks can make an appearance anywhere on your body, but the stomach, upper arms, breasts, thighs and buttocks are especially prone. Although not everyone is bothered by their stretch mark, some wish that they weren’t so apparent.

To what do we owe the “pleasure” of stretch marks? Well, they often appear during puberty or when teens experience growth spurts, when you gain or lose weight rapidly or during pregnancy. Corticosteroid products can contribute to the development of stretch marks, as can certain conditions like Cushing’s Syndrome or Marfan Syndrome.

While stretch marks can fade, they can linger on your skin. So if you have stretch marks you’re looking to remove, you may wonder, what are you options?

Dermapen: Dermapen is an advanced microneedling technique that utilises ultra-slim needles that do not bend or stray off course when they come into contact with the often thicker, ridged stretch marked skin. Discomfort is greatly minimised, as is downtime. The treatment induces the natural production of collagen to smooth and plump skin.

Sublative Radiofrequency: This non-aggressive technique stimulates cell regrowth without causing unnecessary trauma to the skin like some fractional laser techniques (e.g. Fraxel). The gentle heat contracts and lifts the skin, smoothing it.

Stretch marks are part of life. But that doesn’t mean you have to let them stop you from living yours to the fullest! Contact us for your consultation today.

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