Common Hair Removal Mistakes You Are Making


Hair removal is one of those tasks which fill many a heart with dread. Scraping a razor over goose-bumped legs in the shower every morning is not much fun…especially if it’s something you need to do on a regular basis! There are many habitual mistakes which people make daily when it comes to hair removal and some of them are more than avoidable!

  • Not exfoliating: If you don’t regularly exfoliate, then your hair removal will be even harder. This is because dry skin build up and clogged pores make it very hard to get a smooth finish and if you shave then you’re far more likely to nick your skin.
  • Using cheap disposable razors:  These just aren’t a good choice…for men and for women they’re a false economy owing to the fact  that they only remove the hairs to a certain point and you will be more likely to need to shave again sooner than if you used a very sharp blade.
  • Waxing too much: Over time, waxing can cause open pores and damaged skin. This is due to the harsh tearing of the wax strips on a regular basis. It is far more effective and kinder to skin to use a permanent hair removal technique such as laser hair removal which is non invasive as well as generally pain-free.

If you have excess hair and you’re tired of nicks, scrapes and the expense of regular salon trips it could be time to look into a more effective and permanent way forward. Laser hair removal is safe, affordable and works on most skin types.

As laser hair technology has advances it has become more precise and suited to any part of the body…whether you’re looking at hair removal for your face, hands, arms, body or neck you will be able to undergo treatment which works and more importantly lasts!

Don’t suffer any longer but save time and money by permanently ousting your unwanted hair…for ever!

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