Cellulite And The Lymphatic System

Cellulite; it’s the bane of many women’s lives and yet there is a surprising lack of knowledge surrounding this lumpy, bumpy issue. There are also a shocking amount of “old wives tales” based on all kinds of silly assumptions around the causes of it. Part of the problem is that cellulite is caused by multiple factors including hormonal changes and poor diet.

The battle to beat cellulite is one that has been and still is fought by people every day; with combinations of dietary change, supplements and massage, women fight to keep it at bay with the ultimate goal being to make it go away forever!

To understand more about cellulite, one first has to understand the basics of what it actually is; to put it simply…cellulite is fat. The lumps and dimples that you see most commonly on thighs, bottoms, hips and arms are caused by fatty deposits under the skin which have become “stuck”. There are varying degrees of severity when it comes to cellulite with the mildest only being noticeable when skin is cold or when flesh is squeezed and the most severe affecting the texture of the skin and making it appear rough all the time in addition to dimply.

Whatever degree you’re suffering from cellulite it’s important that you take a multi faceted approach to ridding yourself of it. Not only must you change your diet and exercise regime but you must also consider the way in which your body rids itself of toxins. Helping your lymphatic system to function well will definitely help you to reduce or oust your cellulite problem.

To understand how important your lymphatic system is, consider this fact; the body contains twice as much lymphatic fluid as it does blood. That’s obviously a pretty major part of your body!

The lymphatic system is like a filter; what it does is to isolate infections and also cellular detritus from the rest of your body…and unwanted fat cells are cellular detritus. If your lymphatic system is sluggish (which is likely if you’re diet and exercise regime aren’t good) then you need to change this.

How to wake up your lymphatic system and get rid of cellulite

Help your body to get back on track and help your lymphatic system to do its job by following the next few lifestyle changes to the letter.

  • Cut out sugar and processed foods; yes it’s tough…but so is cellulite!
  • Get some exercise: when your body is immobile your lymphatic system becomes lazy. You need to maintain activity in order for your system to keep moving.
  • Consider a lymphatic massage: this is an excellent way in which to wake up your tired system and to aid the body’s recovery from cellulite.
  • Look at Acoustic Wave Therapy: this amazing treatment effectively “smashes” fatty deposits with waves of sound which are applied to the affected areas.
  • Try Fat Dissolving Injections: injecting a special aqua based fluid directly into affected areas will disperse the deposits around and out of the body.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that cellulite is a permanent problem; it’s not…all you need to do is take control of it!

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