Celebrities Who Use Laser Hair Removal


Kim Kardashian

Whilst many celebrities are more than a little tight lipped about their beauty treatments and interventions, some are very open about them. The Kardashian sisters have all been very vocal about their love of laser hair removal and in particular Kim and Khloe; Khloe actually had the procedure done for the first time on the girl’s reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians.

With their Armenian heritage and their thick, dark hair the Kardashians had long been disillusioned with less long lasting hair removal techniques such as waxing and shaving and had wanted to try something which would offer a more long term solution to the problem of unwanted hair. Kim was the first of the sisters to come out as a fan and has reportedly had the procedure done on her hair line to eradicate the fine “baby hair” which was a few years ago very apparent on her forehead. She encouraged the rest of her family to give laser hair removal a try and Khloe shared her experience with the world by allowing the cameras to film whilst she had laser on her body…including her toes!

Other Celebs Reported To Have Gone Under The Laser too!!

Kris Jenner, the girl’s Mother, has also been under the laser and the entire family regularly promote laser hair removal. They’re not the only ones either! Other celebs that have reportedly had laser treatment include Victoria Beckham and Beyonce…both dark haired it’s not hard to see why these glamorous women would choose to opt for a permanent solution to their hair issues.

Ingrown Hairs Can Be A Thing Of The Past

Women and especially women in the media have long felt pressure to appear “perfect” and whilst this is one reason for people to undergo permanent hair removal, another is comfort. If you’re constantly shaving or waxing certain areas then you will undoubtedly know the pain of ingrown hairs, sore skin and shaving rashes…certain areas such as the armpits are certainly easier to keep fresh when there is a lack of hair there…so it makes sense to look at permanent removal in these spots.

Facial Hair Is A Thing Of The Past!

Equally distressing is the appearance of hair on the upper lip…women with moustaches aren’t universally admired and those who suffer from too much hair in this area will probably have tried all kinds of solutions including depilatory cream. Whether the Kardashians have undergone this treatment is unknown but one thing’s for sure and that’s that none of the fashionable sisters ever appear with a trace of facial hair.

Celebrities often lead the way in terms of fashion and beauty treatments; universally admired for their style and looks, celebs like the Kardashian sisters influence the masses with their decisions regarding their bodies and what treatments they choose…and with laser hair removal being such an obvious success for them, many people are choosing to follow in their footsteps and seek out laser hair removal.

Safe, Fast and Effective Hair Removal Solution

Laser hair removal is a safe, relatively fast and very reliable solution to the problems of unwanted hair in any area of the body…anyone who has ever despaired over their razor blade or felt the pain of waxing should look into this effective problem solver.

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