Your new little bundle of joy has finally arrived. Not only are you sleep deprived, frazzled, and down to your last possible nerve, but you also have yet another problem thanks to that beautiful baby – mummy tummy. Lots of new mums suffer from that frustrating, sagging loose skin filled with stretch marks after the […]Continue reading

If you’re struggling to find common ground with someone, thinking there is just nothing similar about you, well… chances are you both have birthmarks! Over 80 percent of babies are born with them, and sometimes, they don’t fade as you (and your skin) grow. So what are these little marks? And if they cause you […]Continue reading

If you’ve been watching the runways and magazines covers recently, you’ll have seen a push towards more diverse models. We’re seeing faces in a gorgeous spectrum of colours, and we’re also seeing more “non-traditional” looks. Like what? Well, like freckles. While they’re being embraced, there is often a little confusion about freckles. What do you […]Continue reading

Sublative radiofrequency. For many this will sound like jargon, but in this blog we will uncover what this great treatment does.  It’s an effective solution for ageing, loose, sagging, scarred and/or uneven skin. Results without Damage Sometimes, procedures intended to treat the skin cause damage that can exacerbate the issues you originally wanted to address. Fraxel […]Continue reading