Dark spots on the skin can be a significant source of concern.  Are they signs of skin damage? Or is it simply more the appearance of them that you aren’t so keen on. Let’s answer your questions and fill you in on how you can treat them. Hyperpigmentation Melasma and age (or liver) spots are […]Continue reading

If you’re struggling to find common ground with someone, thinking there is just nothing similar about you, well… chances are you both have birthmarks! Over 80 percent of babies are born with them, and sometimes, they don’t fade as you (and your skin) grow. So what are these little marks? And if they cause you […]Continue reading

If you’ve been watching the runways and magazines covers recently, you’ll have seen a push towards more diverse models. We’re seeing faces in a gorgeous spectrum of colours, and we’re also seeing more “non-traditional” looks. Like what? Well, like freckles. While they’re being embraced, there is often a little confusion about freckles. What do you […]Continue reading

The long winter months… a perfect time to bundle up under thick sweaters and snuggle on the couch. Or a perfect time to start working on your summer body! Read on to find out our most popular treatments to start now to look your best this summer. Laser Hair Removal Waxing is painful, and do […]Continue reading

The magic of a diverse world is that there is a full spectrum of skin tones and types. “Beautiful” skin isn’t any one particular colour or shade; it is healthy and vibrant. Ethnicity plays a part not only in the tone of your skin, but in how it responds to physiological and environmental factors. Let’s […]Continue reading

There’s plenty to love about winter: the crisp weather, the gorgeous snow-covered trees, the cosy days under a blanket with a hot mug of cocoa. But the long cold months also wreak havoc on the skin. Winter temperature and winds strip away moisture and can leave skin chapped, irritated, tight and itchy. How can you […]Continue reading