Normal life as we know it is on hold. Classes are cancelled, offices are closed, no more dinner parties or meals at your favourite restaurant… We can cope with that but… …how do we cope with beauty clinics being closed and left alone to deal our skin and our out of control hair growing everywhere!. […]Continue reading

Stretch Mark Removal For Men Men do you want to get rid of your stretch marks?. The good news is something can be done, the bad news is - don’t expect miracles. Treating stretch marks has come a long way recently. The old advice recommended you to apply natural oils like almond, olive or coconut. [...]Continue reading

Your new little bundle of joy has finally arrived. Not only are you sleep deprived, frazzled, and down to your last possible nerve, but you also have yet another problem thanks to that beautiful baby – mummy tummy. Lots of new mums suffer from that frustrating, sagging loose skin filled with stretch marks after the […]Continue reading

Introducing ULTRAcel. This revolutionary combination treatment uses Radiofrequency, HIFU & Microneedling to firm, lift & rejuvenate the skin. Read our most recent press coverage from Health & Wellbeing who found the treatment gave ‘a remarkably pronounced yet incredibly natural lifting & firming effect’ Find out more about our non-surgical face lift treatment here.

Most mothers, after having delivered their bundle of joy, notice some repercussions of the birth process to their skin.  Some may think you just have to live with this “new normal” way that your skin has begun to look. However, there are many great treatments that can take your skin, and particularly your tummy, back […]Continue reading

When you see a teenager, what makes her look young? What makes you feel old when you look in the mirror? Often the difference between that teenage face and yours is the sagging skin, and it’s a natural process you can’t always avoid.  As you age, your collagen levels diminish, and that means wrinkles and […]Continue reading

Contouring is a trend that isn’t set to go away for a long while. YouTube is full of tutorials aimed at facial contouring tutorials with a variety of brushes and shades. But what about your body? With spring finally here, people are focusing more on getting their beach bodies, and there isn’t anything makeup can […]Continue reading