The long winter months… a perfect time to bundle up under thick sweaters and snuggle on the couch. Or a perfect time to start working on your summer body! Read on to find out our most popular treatments to start now to look your best this summer. Laser Hair Removal Waxing is painful, and do […]Continue reading

Getting rid of unwanted hair, and getting it to stop growing at what seems a very fast pace, is a question on a lot of our minds.  Some of us are just blessed with more hair on our bodies than others, however you can find it to be unsightly when what you’re after is clear, […]Continue reading

Summertime is here, and that means we’re at the peak of our need for a decent hair control strategy. Whether you’re assessing your options for the longer term or have finally figured out that razors should be left to men, you might be wondering whether waxing or laser hair removal is a better option. Taking […]Continue reading