Cellulite, the lumpy and bumpy condition which causes so much misery to so many women is caused by the presence of fat cells beneath the surface of the skin. It usually appears after puberty and there are varying degrees of severity in the condition. A simple case of mild cellulite will only show when pressure […]Continue reading

  Bottoms Are The New Black This summer is officially all about bottoms! You might even say that bottoms are the new black! They’re certainly appearing everywhere and in all kinds of shapes and sizes as celebrities find all kinds of excuses to flash their flesh. A combination of teeny tiny bikinis, cropped to the […]Continue reading

Can Simple Exercises Really Beat Cellulite? Sufferers of cellulite will no doubt be familiar with the many workouts available on the market today which claim to be ‘cellulite-busting’ i.e. if you purchase the workout then you can say goodbye to your cellulite problems.  But is it really true that certain movements and exercises can rid […]Continue reading