Lipotripsy is a non-invasive treatment that can tone skin and eliminate cellulite. It’s been clinically proved to reduce the marbling pattern that cellulite gives skin. Problem areas can be identified where skin appears to have texture that’s similar to a ripe fruit peel, such as an orange or grapefruit. Lipotripsy is the technique that’s best […]Continue reading

The Super Power Of Brahmi  I am guessing the first question will not be “how does Brahmi help with my cellulite” but “what is brahmi?”. Brahmi is a Ayurvedic herb which actually has quite a few health benefits to brag. 

##CATEGORY-BANNER## Cellulite Affects Around 80% Of All Women Cellulite affects around 80% of all women yet it is largely misunderstood by them. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity or weight you are, you are still susceptible to cellulite. However saying that it is more pronounced in those that are overweight as the fat that protrudes into the […]Continue reading

##CATEGORY-BANNER## Beat Cellulite By Changing Your Diet There are all sorts of tips and tricks to combat cellulite however after professional cellulite treatments one of the best ways to reduce your cellulite is by improving your diet. For many people a poor and unbalanced diet can be a significant contributor to their cellulite, however by making […]Continue reading

If you’re a sufferer of cellulite then you will be all too familiar with the misery that the tough to beat condition can bring with it. Cellulite is best described as that “orange peel effect” which many women (not so many men) see on their thighs, buttocks, hips and arms. Affecting the middle portion of […]Continue reading

Cellulite; it’s the bane of many women’s lives and yet there is a surprising lack of knowledge surrounding this lumpy, bumpy issue. There are also a shocking amount of “old wives tales” based on all kinds of silly assumptions around the causes of it. Part of the problem is that cellulite is caused by multiple […]Continue reading

Cellulite Is Nothing New Cellulite is nothing new; it’s been around for many, many years and in fact if you look at paintings by old masters such as Rubens then you will see the evidence! Many of his paintings depict women in various states of undress and some of them have pretty bad cases of […]Continue reading