When you think of the term ‘skin peel’, you probably imagine the application of harsh, damaging chemicals, resulting in the skin physically peeling off. And in some cases you would be right. Some types of skin peels are incredibly invasive, using painful acids to strip back the skin and promote collagen growth. A deep or […]Continue reading

If you have had acne and have done a little research into natural treatments, chances are that you will have come across a tree extract named tea tree oil. This oil is native to Australia and has been in fact used by Aborigines as an antiseptic for hundreds of years.

When it comes to health topics there are always a lot of mis-guided information being thrown about. Don’t do this, or don’t do that! The truth is although there can be scientific research to back one theory up or another at the end of the day everyone is different. Don’t get me wrong science gives us […]Continue reading

The word acne has to be up there with a young adults top 5 hated things in the world, but its not just young adults that suffer from acne, adults do too. Acne isn’t just confined to a single body part, in fact just about any body part you can think of can be affected.