Care after Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a relatively simple process with little recovery time. However, it is important that you take time to care for your skin after the procedure. Caring for your skin means it will remain healthy and moisturised.

Immediately after you have the laser treatment, you can expect your skin to be slightly red, this is totally normal. It might even feel like mild sunburn. For many people, this disappears within a few hours. But for others, it may take a few days before it totally goes. If you notice any of your skin blistering, you need to discuss this with the clinic where you had the treatment as this will be a reaction which shouldn’t happen.

If you find the redness after your laser hair removal treatments to be uncomfortable and sore, there are things you can do to help ease the redness.

First you should get some cold compresses and apply these to the area of skin that’s red, to help any swelling go down. You might consider using ice if you don’t have any cold compresses. This should soon have your redness going down.

Making sure the area of skin is kept clean is also an important point. You should also moisturise the area. Moisturising creams aid in the recovery of the skin in the areas that were treated with the laser. The clinic you go to will probably recommend some creams for you to use. You might also consider using a daily moisturiser in the days leading up to your next treatment, if you are having a course of treatments. This will also keep your skin generally healthy and supple and give you optimum results when having your laser hair removal procedure.

In general, many people feel fit and ready to go back to work immediately after treatment. Others may feel they need a little rest, but this shouldn’t be more than a day or too. Depending on the length of treatment, area of skin being treated and skin type, all after care guidelines can vary and you should speak to your clinic.


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