Can Your Diet Really Cause Acne?


It has long been considered a myth that the food you eat can cause acne, with many dermatologists dismissing the links as too inconclusive. However, a 50 year long study has recently revealed that in fact certain foods are linked to acne outbreaks, and so in the bid to have healthy looking skin, you should watch what you eat.

The research also indicates, interestingly, that skin problems are predominantly a ‘western’ problem, based on our diets which contain lots of sugar and refined grain products. In cultures where the diet is mostly meat, vegetables and whole grain foods with limited refined produce there are very few acne issues.

That doesn’t mean that you have to turn your entire diet upside down on its head and adopt a more caveman approach to eating, but it is important that you know which foods you should avoid. Unfortunately, whilst there are certain foods which are more likely to cause a flare up of acne, there isn’t a one answer fits all and it is very much an individual thing based on your skin and your body. Monitor the way your skin reacts to the different food types, perhaps by keeping a food diary for a week or two, and then take steps to adjust how much of them you are eating.

So, exactly what food should you limit? Here is a quick breakdown of the food most likely to cause a spot problem:

Foods to Avoid

• Processed food

• Sugary food

• Dairy

• Spices such as chilli

• Anything high in caffeine including drinks such as coffee and food such as chocolate

Of course, it could be that these foods do not cause an acne problem but it is always best to have a balanced diet. If you are stuck for some healthier options, there are some good ideas below.

Foods To Eat

• Vegetables which are high in vitamin A, such as carrots and sweet potatoes. These help to detox your skin.

• Oily fish is perfect for reducing the production of sebum, the very thing which cause acne.

• Any fruit and vegetables with a high water content as this will re-hydrate your skin.

• If you are trying to cut out your caffeine intake, try green tea instead. It contains a lot of polyphenols which are great for the skin.

Taking care of your skin is about more than just the food you eat but this should give you some ideas about whether your skin is affected by your diet.

I Have Changed My Diet And Still Get Acne, Now What?

Unfortunately just changing your diet may not be enough, some people may be prone to acne purely from a genetic point of view. If your mum, dad or both suffered from acne then there is a good chance that you will also. If this is the case there are a few acne treatments available that can help to reduce or clear up your acne problem including the IMAGE Acne Lift, Silk Peel with BHA Serum Infusion, Green Peel or Obaji – Blue Radiance.

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