Can Too Much Salt Make You Gain Weight?

Is Too Much Salt Bad For You

We all know that experts are constantly calling for us to eat less salt don’t we? It’s all over the media…how we need to cut back on salt, avoid salt and stop adding it to our food; but why? Does salt make you fat? Is salt a contributing factor in the obesity crisis?


The simple answer is that no, salt alone does not make people gain weight…salt has no calorific content at all. However, salt…also known as sodium is usually to be found in large quantities in the most heavily processed foods…the very foods which do make us gain weight in addition to causing other health problems.

Have a think for a moment and consider the saltiest snacks and meals which you eat; crisps, fast foods like burgers, hot dogs and kebabs, tinned soups and processed meats such as bacon or sausage. Those are the foods which contain heaps of salt as well as sugar and fats…and it’s these which are responsible for weight gain in many cases.

One of the things which salt does do to make you feel as though you’ve put on weight is to increase “water weight”….it makes us feel bloated because it makes us retain water.


Cutting back on salt in processed foods will help you to immediately feel slimmer. If you’re someone who consumes a lot of processed foods and you want to lose weight, start by ditching those processed meats and packaged meals. You will begin to see results within days as the bloating decreases.

Of course salt is no inherently bad; we all need some salt in our diets as it keeps our electrolytes balanced but the trick is to avoid it when it’s been added to pre-packaged foods. Keep your diet natural with fresh foods and check packets for the exact amounts of salt within the contents. You will be surprised at how much salt is contained within sweet foods like biscuits and cakes.

Drink plenty of water to keep your body in top condition and to aid the flushing of unwanted salts already present and your waistline will visibly improve.

If you have changed your diet and incorporated an exercise schedule into your routine and are finding it hard to lose any stubborn weight then there are professional treatments that can help. An advanced fat injection treatment based on Aqualyx, a water solution injected into the fat areas of the body, can quickly remove fat by essentially dissolving it making it possible for the body to remove naturally through urination.

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