Can I Sunbath Before or After Laser Hair Removal?

Many people ask the question whether they can sunbathe before or after laser hair removal. As with all treatments of this kind, you should speak to the qualified expert dealing with your treatment.

Traditionally, advice was not to sunbathe before laser hair removal. However, with the advancement in laser technologies, treatments can be made which penetrate deeper into the skin – avoiding the top layers, so sitting out in the sun in the height of summer should not be a problem before your treatment. If you come into your session with sunburnt skin, however, your clinician may turn you away. When booking your treatments you should inform your laser hair removal clinic if you intend on tanning and they can give you the best advice.

After treatment, you may find your skin is red and slightly sore. This is a natural effect of the laser hair removal and nothing to worry about. You probably will not want to sunbathe when your skin is like this, or at least cover the affected area or sit in some shade. You should avoid using sun beds as these could cause direct damage to your skin, and it may not be able to recover as easily from the treatment.

How long you sit out in the sun or use sun beds is something you should consider even without having laser hair removal treatments. Your skin, no matter how dark, it still sensitive and to maintain healthy skin you should put on sun tan lotion and regularly moisturise your skin to keep it supple.

As previously mentioned, your unique laser treatment means that how long you stay away from sun beds or sunlight is different for everyone. It all depends on the area of skin being treated, the type of skin you have and the type of hair you have. The main method of understanding whether or not you should go out in the sun is common sense. If your skin is painful after a treatment, you will know it is probably not best to sit out in the sun as this will make it worse.

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