Britain’s Most Tattooed Man To Update His Tattoos


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Have you heard about Britain’s most tattooed man? Many people have tattoos here and there, but this man has tattoos covering the length of his body and was classed Britain’s most tattooed man at the age of 34 last year.

Most Tattooed Man In Britain To Have Redesign

However, Matthew Whelan, who changed his name to the King of Inkland, has spent £6000 getting some of his tattoos removed because he has run out of space on his skin and wishes to start again. Matthew even has tattoos on his eyeball, but he is now starting to think that his tattoos look out of date and he wants what he calls his living canvas to evolve as he changes as a person. He said he considers himself as a kind of art gallery, which constantly gets updated.

In fact, many people have tattoos which they later regret. Having a tattoo is a permanent reminder of a time in your life or a particular belief or like that you had. As is the very nature of humans, changes will develop and something which you once loved can turn into a burden.

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Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal

What is great about modern technology is that you are now able to get permanent tattoos removed using lasers. The laser will be able to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin where the ink is stored, and removes the colouring completely. Any tattoos are considerably reduced in their appearance, with some being removed altogether. If you are like Britain’s most tattooed man, you may use this space to have a different tattoo put over the top, or you may just want to see your bare skin again!

Whether you have a tattoo on your face, your arm, your hip, your stomach or your leg, you are able to get a professional consultation which will give you your options for tattoo laser removal.

If you have a tattoo that you wish to have removed  then the Premier Laser Clinic can help. Take a look at our laser tattoo removal page to learn more about this advanced treatment.

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