Brief History Into Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal hasn’t always been as popular as it has now. This is because technology has been developing since the 60s to form the best kind of treatment through laser hair removal, treatment that is effective and safe.

In the 60s, lasers were created that emitted a continuous wave of light rather than pulses. However, they were no good for removing hair because the beam of laser was uncontrollable and this means skin could be damaged. This was too much of a risk and so was not taken to market.

When it came to the 70s, a new laser was developed. These lasers could target individual follicles through a fiber-optic probe. However, it was quite painful and the FDA removed it from market because it was ineffective.

In the 80s, a new wave of lasers were created. These lasers were better at targeting hair, but still too ineffective.

In the mid 90s, the first laser was cleared by the FDA for public use. These types of lasers used a carbon-based lotion as a chromophore. The laser hair removal machine used a laser to heat the carbon which released a shock wave to the follicle which in turn destroyed it. By 1997, the laser was developed to target melanin in the hair. This laser was easy to use and didn’t have many side effects. This made it safer for people to use and these are the lasers currently being used today.

Now, millions of people have laser hair removal with minimal side effects and great results.

We also know that in the future, the laser is likely to develop, as it has done over the past fifty years, into something even more effective. Scientists are working on the new wave of lasers continuously but as of yet, the current ones are still the most popular and effective.

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