Body Contouring! The hottest new trend

Contouring is a trend that isn’t set to go away for a long while. YouTube is full of tutorials aimed at facial contouring tutorials with a variety of brushes and shades. But what about your body? With spring finally here, people are focusing more on getting their beach bodies, and there isn’t anything makeup can do about that! Enter body contouring as the solution for targeted, beautiful results.

While facial contouring is all about illusion through quality cosmetics, body contouring goes beyond dieting to sculpting the body to your perfect shape. Worried about invasive surgery? There is no need to be concerned. These treatments help you achieve the look you want without the downtime of surgery.

Starting out with healthy diet and lifestyle ensures maximum results; no treatment will ever replace the need to stay healthy. Hydration is also key for a lot of bodily functions, and without proper hydration, sometimes the body will hold onto water, giving you a bloated feeling and look.

Where body contouring helps are areas that often diet and exercise just cannot target – we are talking about your love handles, the inner thighs, stubborn stomach areas, under the top of the arms and the back of your thighs beneath your buttocks. If that is the case, then you would do well to experience Cryotherapy Fat Reduction, which targets stubborn fat cells. Dieting and weight loss can shrink fat cells, but they don’t actually go anywhere. Cryotherapy delivers controlled fat freezing technology to specifically targeted areas, crystalising the fat cells and causing them to breakdown. Once your body processes these fat cells, only the sculpted results are left behind! One treatment results in the permanent inch loss.

Another issue exercise and diet cannot resolve is the issue of loose skin. In some cases, the skin left behind after serious weight loss or due to ageing can be very difficult to tighten. There is no exercise routine that can shrink skin that has been stretched out and many people worry that surgery is the only option to tighten skin. Enter HIFU Skin Tightening treatment. Using ultrasound to penetrate deep into the skin, heat is applied, causing the skin to tighten and leaving a firmer, leaner appearance. No surgery required!

Spring is a great excuse to get the body you really deserve or to sculpt those areas that are just not responding to exercise after all your hard work. No illusions or fancy makeup required!

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