Black Friday Deals On Laser Hair Removal & Skin Treatments

Black Friday Deals 2019 

This year for Black Friday we have dramatically dropped our prices. Amazing deals and savings are available on a full range of treatments; including laser hair removal and skin treatments. But hurry, sadly all good things must come to an end, so be sure to take advantage of our unbeatable prices before Black Friday ends on Monday at 8pm.

Our twenty percent off can be used on existing sale prices so that’s an incredible 70% off on some of our most popular packages. ( Some are already at 50% off , so you get an extra 20% – We know, sounds too good to be true !).

If you have always wanted to try laser hair removal, read or heard about the results friends have had but for some reason never got round to it, or were put off by the cost then now is the perfect time to dip your toe in and give it a go.  Don’t worry you will have to have a free consultation first to have a patch test to check suitability and discuss your goals .  Then you can select the right package arrange finance or discuss flexible payments, if necessary,  then you can jump straight in.

If you have always dreamed of treating and pampering yourself with a luxurious clinic level facial with your own expert practitioner fussing over you why not try one of our Hydrafacials or rejuvenate your skin with HIFU?. Hydrafacials are a firm favourite with celebrities and Instagrammers and are a fantastic way to revive and freshen your look this xmas party season.  We guarantee you will feel a million dollars, not to mention looking radiant and glowing over Christmas period when you’ll be meeting friends and family. You will be glad you did after the numerous compliments you’ll receive , but don’t worry we wont tell anyone your secret!.

Most of our treatments require that you come in for a free consultation.  Some treatments can be performed immediately after on the same day, others like the laser hair removal you will have to come back, so we know the results of the patch test.

Also you will have to book into a free consultation to take advantage of any of our black Friday offers before 21st December.  Appointments are filling up fast so hurry and book one today.

If you are stuck for gift ideas for your loved one but are unsure which treatment to choose for them why not  purchase a gift voucher so they can decide for themselves.  With our black Friday offers gift vouchers also have 20% off!.

So a £100 voucher will cost you £80

£200 now £160

£500 now £400

£1000 now £800

£2000 now £1600

£5000 now £4000

It is also a great way to take advantage of Black Friday for yourself. If you are unsure about what treatment or package to go for or you don’t have the time right now – but definitely want to have a treatment or buy a package with us within the next year,  then you can lock into the 20% black Friday discount today and then use it anytime next year when you’re ready – as the gift voucher is valid for 12 months.

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