Bikini or Brazilian Laser Hair Removal ?

One of the common questions online that get asked by women who decide that they want to have laser hair removal on their downstairs is, should I get Brazilian or bikini laser hair removal?

For unknown reasons talk of hair removal from this area is a taboo subject. It’s all hush, hush and many women find it difficult to openly ask advice about such questions so we thought we would tackle this subject here.

You have decided that you want laser hair removal to finally remove the hair from your pubic region but do you want Brazilian or bikini laser hair removal…come to think of it what is the difference?

Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Bikini laser hair removal refers to the hair that can be seen whilst you are wearing your bikini, hence the name. So for this treatment hair that can be found directly outside the underwear and at the top of the thighs is removed.

Women can also ask for an extended bikini laser hair removal treatment which goes a little further in than the standard bikini treatment and removes slightly more hair. This can also be referred to as G-string bikini.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

A Brazilian simply refers to removing all the hair – this also includes the back and anal area too. Sometimes some women like to leave a small amount of hair at the front which can be in any given shape however most choose to leave a strip of hair. Since the rest of the area is hair free this is still counted as a Brazilian.


Before you get laser hair removal a little preparation is needed which involves shaving your hair which will help to reduce any pain felt but also increase the effectiveness of the treatment. As mentioned previously it is quite common for women to leave a shape such as a strip when having a Brazilian, if this is the case when shaving leave this area as it is.

Also your choice of underwear is important depending on what type of hair removal you want. First off you want to choose white or very light coloured underwear – since the laser is attracted to dark colours wearing a dark shade of underwear can make the treatment less effective. If you have decided to go with bikini laser hair removal then as long as you are wearing bikini shaped underwear i.e. not boxers then it is recommended that you keep them on. If you wanted to go with the extended bikini option than a g-string is advised, although it is not compulsory. Finally if you want a Brazilian than ideally you are advised to remove your underwear so that no spots are missed, however this is not essential.

How Much Does It Hurt?

With laser hair removal one of the very first questions to be asked is “how painful is it?” Since everyone has varying pain tolerances this can be quite a tricky question to answer, however the majority of people say it is a lot less painful than waxing and feels like a rubber band being flicked at the skin.

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