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How To Wash Your Hair Correctly

I know what you’re thinking, you wash your hair everyday and you don’t need some patronising article to tell you how to do it. Well maybe you are right, but we can guarantee you that most people reading this will learn a thing or two.

So instead of keeping you all in suspense, as I know you are dying to learn our secrets, I will get straight to it.

It All Starts With The Rinse

Ok no biggie here, I am sure you all start by giving your hair a quick rise straight off. However did you know that the hot water opens up the cuticle meaning that any trapped dirt or hair product will be more easily removed? Another added bonus of the rinse is that it loosens the oils through the scalp which in addition to opening up the cuticle means that it is able to absorb the oil in your conditioner.

The Exception To The Rule

Ok you know how we have just told you to rinse first, well we might have lied a little. If you have long hair that falls below your shoulders then it is best practise to apply a small amount of conditioner to the fragile ends which will help stop them from drying out and getting damaged. Then you can rinse away and then apply your favourite shampoo. Using conditioner first will also fill the holes in the cuticle with moisture meaning you will get that added shine.

Lather Away

Because the new, young hair is closest to the scalp it is oily than the hair that is furthest from the root. On the flip side the hair that is at the ends is the oldest and will most likely be the driest and most fragile. This means that the best way to lather is from the roots all the way to the ends!

Don’t Be Too Hard

Your hair is delicate and requires that you treat it with care. Too much friction can cause damage that either results in it breaking or transforming into a frizz ball. Make sure when lathering to go in straight vertical motions which will prevent the event of your hair becoming knotted.

No Need For That Second Wash

You may have read from experts that you should ‘rinse and repeat’ in order to achieve the best results. Well the truth is you don’t. Over washing your hair can actually do more bad than good by totally stripping it. The only exception to this rule is if you have extremely clunky hair that is saturated in product or dirty hair which may require a second wash in order to achieve desired results.

And Then Add The Conditioner

After washing out all the shampoo from your hair give it a quick squeeze to remove any excess water and then apply your conditioner. Unlike the shampoo it’s important to leave the conditioner in for a while before rinsing it out to ensure it is better absorbed. Another little bonus tip when it comes to conditioner is to make sure to only apply it from mid hair length to the ends, missing out the root section – the reason being your hair will be more oily near the scalp.

Seal With A Shine

If you want that added shine effect then you need to turn that hot water dial on the shower all the way down to the blue section. There is nothing worse than freezing cold water after having a hot wash but by finishing off with cold water the cuticle will be sealed off leaving a nice glossy, shiny finish.

And Finally…

To finish off the beauty tip for the day we will leave you with one final tip that many people ask regarding their hair…How often do I need to wash it? The answer to this question depends on the individual and their hair type. If you have naturally oily and fine hair then you will most likely need to wash it daily however if you have thicker hair (average hair) then every other day will give the best results.

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