Beauty Mistakes You Probably Weren’t Aware You Were Making

beauty mistakes

When it comes to a good beauty routine, many of us are guilty of relying too much on old habits and not thinking hard enough about what we’re including in our regular wash and brush-up!

If you have skin problems then it’s even more important to stay on top of your beauty routine and to keep re-evaluating what you’re doing to your face and body on a regular basis…some of those old habits could be harmful! Ever slept with your makeup on for instance? Neglected to apply moisturizer for days? If you’re guilty of leaving out the most important basics then read on and see if you’re making beauty mistakes you could regret!

Woman Drinking Water

  • Not drinking enough water: It’s a basic beauty tip that you’ve probably read umpteen times…drink more water yada-yada…but the simple fact is that drinking water really makes a difference to not only your skin but also your hair and potentially your weight! A well hydrated body is far more successful at cell renewal and at flushing out the toxins which cause spots and blotches. Get yourself a shiny new water bottle, keep it full and empty it regularly!
  • Sleeping on a dirty pillowcase: So you change your bed linen once a week? That’s not regular enough if you’re prone to spots and pimples. You should change your pillowcase every other day; you don’t need to change the rest of the bed but your face is pressed against that fabric for around 8 hours every night and if it’s full of your drool and bacteria from your hair then it won’t help your skin to improve! Put a clean case on your pillow and the next day flip it to the other side…on the third day change it for a fresh one…and repeat. You will notice a difference within a few weeks….especially if you also take on our first tip about drinking more water!##CATEGORY-BANNER##
  • No sunscreen: Yes we know…it’s sometimes a pain to remember but you must wear sunscreen daily. An SPF of 15 is better than nothing but a higher one is preferable. Find a good moisturizer with SPF 30 and you’ll be onto a winner…so will your skin!
  • Neglecting your beauty sleep: It’s not called that for nothing you know! Sleep is the great healer and it’s the time when our bodies regenerate cells and “fix” minor issues. Get your 8 hours a night and your skin will appear fresher and less puffy…your complexion will be smoother and clearer within weeks.
  • Touching your face: Keep your fingers off your face unless they’ve just been washed! Hands are teeming with bacteria which can cause spots and pimples…try to become aware of how often your hands are on your face and stop it!
  • Using old products: Many women keen the same cosmetics for far too long. Your mascara, blushers and bronzers in particular should be changed every 6 months. Makeup and the brushes used to apply it are germ magnets and you nobody wants to be rubbing germs and bacteria on their face as part of a beauty routine!

So many of the bad habits related to beauty routines are based on cleanliness and good management of the things your face comes into contact with. if you have been guilty of mistreating your skin why not give it a little boost with a Vitamin C Rejuvenation Facial or a Blue Peel. You will be amazed at how great your skin will look and feel after only a single treatment.

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