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Dynamo has wowed crowds all over the world with his magic tricks; however his recent stunt levitating over London’s largest building, the Shard, has come under fire. Dynamo appeared to be levitating over the colossal building which stands at an impressive 306 metres tall, however recent images clearly show wires attached to either side of him suspending him in mid air.

Mascara Magic Tricks           

Unlike the famous magician we actually have some mascara magic tricks that are not an illusion. There are no smoke and mirrors here and certainly no wires, what you are about to see is real and with a little practice can be done by anyone to achieve long, volumised lashes with ease.

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Let Your Mascara Wand Choose You!

Any of you that are into magic have surely seen Harry Potter. Well not unlike the wand that chooses the Wizard you have to let your Mascara choose you. What does this mean? Well everyone has different lashes, some people lack volume while others lack length or curl. Make sure to choose your magic mascara wand that is right for you.

For an example of how 100 different mascaras look on the same eye have a look at the Cosmopolitans posts here.

Sprinkle Some Magic Powder

Runny and smudged mascara is the bane of any woman’s existence. How do you overcome seeing your mascara smudged all over your face (slight exaggeration) before you even leave the front door you ask? To stop any smudging use a blotting powder or any other type of powder that dries translucent. Start by using a small brush and dip it into the powder, applying a few coats. Make sure to get right to the tips of your lashes and for added protection apply a setting or finishing spray.

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Use Your Magic Shield    *cough* Plastic Spoon *cough*

Even the most advance makeup magicians struggle with applying mascara without the need for a little help. Before you start to apply the makeup make sure to find a plastic spoon and place it face down (indentation facing skin) between the lashes and your lids. This creates a sort of shield that protects your eyelid but doesn’t inhibit your ability to apply the mascara.

Rotate Your Wand In A Circular Motion

If you want to add length to your short lashes then it’s time to start rotating your wand. As you apply the mascara to your lashes rotate the brush from the root all the way to the tip.

Give Your Wand A Wiggle

Not everyone is born with nice thick lashes, so where nature has failed us, makeup fills in. Yeyyy!!! To add volume and separate the lashes you need wiggle your magic mascara wand as you move towards the end of your lashes – this stops clumping and makes your lasher appear thicker.

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Revive Your ‘Dead’ Mascara.

Mascara can be expensive and for those of you who go through a whole tube in as little as under a month knowing how to get the most out of your tube is a money saver.

Run your mascara wand under hot water until it runs clean. Dip the wet wand back into its tube and rub it against the walls of the inside of the tube – the heat of the brush and the water will soften the dried product bringing it back from the dead.

This Is My Wand. There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Mine

Many women throw out their favourite wands along with the tube of empty mascara. A good mascara magician is only as good as the wand she uses. If you have a favourite wand that you have been using make sure to save it and only throw away the tube. This ensures that you can then reuse it with any mascara you want for the best results.

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