Award Winning Coolsculpting

When it comes to beauty, nothing can beat the combination of technology and experience.

At Premier Laser & Skin we take great pride with our latest technology machines and highly experienced clinicians.

Coolsculpting is one of our most popular treatments. It is the world’s number 1 fat freezing technology. Only with 35 minutes of treatments, you can get rid of up to 35% fat on your body with no downtime.

coolsculpting London

Coolsculpting is the only FDA approved fat freezing technology with little to non-side effects. It has been preferred by many of our clients who would like to feel more comfortable in their bodies. Whether it is with their dresses or sunbathing on the beach.

During the coolsculpting treatment, special applicators are located on your body to the targeted areas. Each applicator runs for 35 minutes of its freezing effect. And then the treatment areas are massaged.

Locating the coolsculpting applicators would differ from person to person.

coolsculpting London

The fact that coolsculpting targets the specific area, different sized applicators can be used on different parts of the body. And for the best results comes from the correct placing of the applicators. This is due to everyone’s body shape and fat pockets being different. There are multiple sizes of coolsculpting applicators. And for the correct placement of the applicator and an affective treatment; high experience is required.

coolsculpting London

The other most important part of the treatment is the intense massage that your practitioner will perform on the treatment area after the fat freezing.

This massaging will break the dead fat cells that have been frozen by the applicators. After breaking the fat cells, your body will get rid of them by natural ways. If the massage is not performed correctly, your treatment may not be as effective.

At Premier Laser & Skin, all our practitioners are highly experienced in their fields. With at least 3 years of industry experience, they also go through regular training to keep their knowledge fresh and to be up to date with the latest industry improvements.

coolsculpting London

Our Coolsculpting specialist Meyrem has over 10 years experience in the beauty field. And she has just been awarded by Coolsculpting for her expert practice.

With always a positive attitude and expert insight, Meyrem helped many people to gain their confidence back. Here are some of the feedback Meyrem had recently from our clients;

“I would highly recommend London Premier Laser as the service is absolutely outstanding and the price is super reasonable. Plus, the most thing I like is the staff is professional, I was not been push any extra cost during all consultant and treatment. And staff will give an honest opinion which makes the money worth. Meyrem is the greatest coolsulpting doctor and she is very professional and help me greatly”
Estelle Tao

“I recently had cool sculpting done at the clinic with Meyrem. She is very friendly and professional, the whole procedure was very smooth and relaxing. I can’t wait to see the results in a few weeks time. I might come back for more :)”
Karen Wen

If you would like to Speak to Meyrem and discuss your ideal body; please contact our Liverpool Street clinic to book your free consultation.

Why not take the first step for your dream body?

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