If you have been thinking about tackling those hard to shift fat areas on your body you will be pleased to know that Coolsculpting is now available at our Liverpool Street Clinic in London and will be available at our, soon to be opened, clinic in Bromley, Kent. To celebrate the launch of Coolsculpting at [...]Continue reading

Its February ! The month of love. A time to love and be loved, and a time to spread some love around London. (Christmas seems like such a long time ago – did it even happen ?) To help you spread some lovin’ around London this month we have got some fantastic offers for you. [...]Continue reading

How do you get ingrown hairs? Everybody at some point in their life will experience ingrown hairs. They can be annoying, sometimes painful and if they swell up and become tender are not nice to look at to put it mildly. Ingrown hairs happen when the hair curls round and grows back into the skin. [...]Continue reading

Happy New Year To You Welcome to a new decade ! We hope you enjoyed the holiday season, didn’t over indulge too much, had a well deserved break and recharged your batteries for the new year ahead!. 2020 has started with a real BANG here at Premier Laser and we have some great deals across [...]Continue reading

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks After Pregnancy. As you hold your tiny newly delivered bundle of joy tightly in your arms for the first time, your heart melts as they lovingly gaze up at you with those big baby eyes. Words haven’t yet been invented to describe how you feel. You have just [...]Continue reading

Stretch Mark Removal For Men Do you want to get rid of your stretch marks?.  The good news is something can be done, the bad news is - don’t expect miracles. Treating stretch marks has come a long way recently. The old advice recommended you to apply natural oils like almond, olive or coconut. Today [...]Continue reading