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There are lots and lots of choice when it comes to looking after your skin; you have elements you want to change but don’t know how to go about it! Our highly trained practitioners are experienced at targeting the issues with your skin you hate the most with the best in product ingredients and treatment plans. So what do our Premier Laser & Skin team use on their own skin?

We ask our Front of House Manager Swaran to give us the low down on her favourite products, treatments she loves and her skin bug bears…

Describe your skin to us. 

My skin could definitely be described as combination/dry and acne prone.

What would you like to change about your skin?

My main concerns are my acne scars and constant dehydration within my complexion.

What is your daily skincare regime?

AM –

Image Ormedic Cleanser

Vital C Recovery Eye Gel and Vital C Intense Moisturiser

Image Matte SPF 32

PM –

Clear Cell Cleanser – this is amazing for removing all my make up and deep cleaning my skin.

Vital C Eye Recovery Gel and Vital C Moisturiser

What is your favourite skin treatment?

The Vitamin C Peel as a full on pick me up when my skin is feeling dull!


About Premier Laser

We have many years’ experience delivering first class hair removal and skin treatments in our laser skin clinics in London and Surrey. We have performed over 300,000 treatments and still counting.

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