After laser hair removal when does hair fall out?

After your laser hair removal session you should notice your hair will gradually begin to fall out over the following days. Many people believe that all their hair should fall out on the same day or by the next morning!. This is not the case. Here is what happens.

Immediately after your laser hair session your skin may feel a bit sensitive. A bit like you have sunburn. Cooling Aloe vera gel should be applied by the clinic as aftercare. It is a good idea to have your own handy to cool down your skin and stop any irritation in the days following your laser session.

Lasers can only kill hair in the anagen phase of the hair growth cycle. When you have your laser session only around 15% of your hairs will be in this phase. So 15% of your hair will be destroyed. Only these hairs will fall out 5-14 days after your laser session. They will slowly work there way free from your skin and shed automatically. It is not necessary for you to help them by plucking or rubbing. This can happen for weeks afterwards.

At your next laser session you will then destroy another 15% of your hairs in the anagen phase of the hair growth phase. And 15% in the one after, and so on, until all the hairs are destroyed. This is why multiple sessions are required. They are spread out about 6 weeks apart so they can synchronise with your hair growth cycle as it takes around 6 weeks for a hair to grow.

laser destroying hair follicle and 5-14 days to fall out

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