8 Beauty Secrets You Need To Know


beauty secrets

We all have those ‘go-to’ secrets that we pick up along the way; little tricks and clever ways of recovering in a beauty emergency.  Sometimes though, wouldn’t it be better to just be told the top beauty secrets without having to work them out for yourself?

1. Smudged Eye Make Up

If you are out and about and notice that your eye make up has smudged, whatever you do, don’t use your fingers!  You need to use a cotton bud or edge of a napkin and wipe under your lower eyelashes.  This creates a clean line, making your eye make up appear as though it has been done deliberately!

2. Green stains from jewellery

We’ve all been here.  You buy a gorgeous piece of statement jewellery, wear it a handful of times and then one day, take it off and there on your skin is an unattractive green stain.  This problem is incredibly easy to solve, all you need to do is seal the metal by painting it with clear nail varnish.  Problem sorted.

3. Deodorant Stains

If you discover a deodorant stain on your clothes, then fear not.  Use a baby wipe or a dampened towel and rub the mark in one direction so that you remove it from the clothing, not just ingrain it further into the material.  Don’t scrub at it, rub it gently.

4. Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion, otherwise known as the ‘instant facelift’, this is a great beauty treatment to opt for if you want to revitalise your skin and give it back a healthy glow.  You can easily do this at home and ‘buff’ away the surface layer of skin to remove imperfections and dead skin cells to make your skin look healthier again.

5. Bad Hair Days

Cover up a bad hair day by sweeping your hair up into a bun.  You can make yourself a simple DIY sock bun (look up how tos online) which is an incredibly popular look at the moment and the perfect solution for any amount of hair distress.

6. Chipped manicure

You spend hours painting your nails only for them to chip within minutes. Nightmare!  Applying a clear top layer can assist with chips but the best thing is to carry the nail varnish with you, so you can reapply as necessary.  If you have a French manicure and are truly stuck, correction fluid is a good temporary solution.

7. Torn Hems

This is a tricky one to fix if you are out and about.  In short, it’s about making use of whatever comes to hand; tape, staples, or safety pins if you have them.  Once home you can easily fix a torn hem with iron-on hem tape but the above work well in emergency situations.

8. Wrinkled Clothing

If you don’t have an iron to hand and need to get rid of a wrinkle quickly then use your hair appliances!  Simply place the wrinkled fabric between the plates and hold for a few seconds.

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