7 Things to Know About Cellulite

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Cellulite Affects Around 80% Of All Women

Cellulite affects around 80% of all women yet it is largely misunderstood by them. It doesn’t matter what ethnicity or weight you are, you are still susceptible to cellulite. However saying that it is more pronounced in those that are overweight as the fat that protrudes into the dermis is larger.

Cellulite Is NORMAL

The thing is that you have to remember is that cellulite is completely normal and in the medical industry it is actually considered a secondary sex characteristic such as breasts and wide hips. While we are constantly shown images in the media and our favorite magazines of celebrities with perfect skin the truth is these women are either enhanced using Photoshop, airbrushing techniques or cosmetic surgery or they spend hours a day with a personal trainer. Unlike these Hollywood A listers us ‘peasants’ don’t have the time, money or beauty teams to achieve their ‘flawless skin’.

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Learn 7 things about cellulite that you probably didn’t know including how to get rid of it


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