7 Flying Beauty Tips To Keep You Looking Your Best


Whether you are making your commute to a work meeting or you are jetting off to somewhere warm to avoid the harsh UK winter weather, there are certain dos and don’t when it comes to your skin care regime. The most important thing is to always plan in advance in order to look your best at all times.


The change in cabin pressure during your flight literally causes moisture to be pulled from your body. This can cause dry skin and chapped lips which not only can be sore but also doesn’t look very sightly. Make sure to pop a travel moisturiser in your bag along with some lip balm so that you can apply when needed throughout the flight. Another little tip to is to make sure you drink plenty of water when your in the air which will also help to combat dry skin.

Travel Tinted

With the stress that comes about from the change in cabin pressure, stale air and dehydration it can be a bad idea to cover your skin in foundation. Planes are notorious for causing even the toughest of cosmetics to end up as a greasy pool on your lap. The best bet is to go all ‘natural’ on the makeup front but if you feel you have to put something on make sure that it’s tinted moisturiser.

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