4 Weird Causes Of Cellulite

If you’re a sufferer of cellulite then you will be all too familiar with the misery that the tough to beat condition can bring with it. Cellulite is best described as that “orange peel effect” which many women (not so many men) see on their thighs, buttocks, hips and arms. Affecting the middle portion of our bodies, for years the cause of it was deemed a mystery as experts could not agree on why some women got it and others didn’t.

Today we have a much more thorough understanding of cellulite and what causes it; thanks to ongoing research we are beginning to work out ways in which we can minimize it and help women to avoid it altogether.


Important: Taken appropriately and as instructed painkillers will not cause you to get cellulite. This only applies to individuals who may use painkillers inappropriately.

Believe it or not, pain killers such as ibuprofen and paracetamol can contribute to cellulite formation. This is due to the fact that these over-the-counter medications are difficult for the liver to process. A liver struggling to deal with your weekly painkiller intake could contribute to a sluggish lymphatic system which in turn means that your thighs and bottom will end up the victims in this scenario! Try to avoid painkillers unless they’re really necessary; aching muscles can be eased with a hot shower or bath…or even a hot water bottle. Headaches can often be helped by drinking water as many are due to dehydration.


Avoiding stress could be easier for some than others; if you live in a city or have a particularly high flying profession then you will probably be more at risk of cellulite than someone who works on a farm or in a sleepy village. This was discovered in a recent study of Parisians where it was found that living in the French capital made people far more likely to have cellulite than those living in the countryside.

Eating Food From Plastic Containers:

Even if it’s salad! The plastic boxes which “healthy” food is often sold in are extremely bad for your health because that plastic contains nasties called xenoesrogenswhich interfere with your body’s ability to regulate its natural supply of oestrogen…which makes fat cells swell. Buy your own fresh ingredients and make up your own salads in non plastic containers!

A Cup Of Coffee:

More than two cups of tea or coffee per day is seen as “excess” intake and can contribute to cellulite as caffeine contributes to the production of Cortisol which is basically a fat storing hormone!

There’s no need to forgo all of your small pleasures in life; a little of what you fancy really does do you good but the main issue is to avoid excess intake of the things which we know aren’t helping us to stay healthy.


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