10 Surprising Health Benefits of Being a Woman



It can be hard being a woman at times, from pregnancy to childbirth and the ever ridiculous high standards of beauty, being a woman has its hard times.However being a female has its plus points too as women have unique health and body payoffs that are unique to their gender.

For example when it comes down to longevity girls rule! Recent statistics show that a woman can expect to live until around the age of 81 while men have lower age lifespan of around 76 years of age. Why is there this extra 5 year gap? To be honest scientists are not exactly sure but if your a woman I am sure you are not going to be complaining.

Also growing evidence is showing that woman are actually better at dealing with pain. During numerous studies woman appear to have a higher pain threshold than men, which pain threshold being defined as how long it takes to register pain in the body. When you think about it, it kind of makes sense considering the pain which is associated with child birth.

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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Being a Woman



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