10 Beauty Habits You Really Should Break


We all skip steps in our beauty regime to save time, but if you want to keep your complexion radiant and red carpet ready like your favourite celeb, then now is the time to check our list of bad habits and make 2014 the year that you kick them for good!

1. Missing Moisturizer

If oily skin does not receive adequate hydration it will try and compensate by increasing its sebum production, so make sure you use a light moisturiser every day.

2. Wiping Not Washing

Busy women may prefer to save time in the evening by using a facial wipe before hitting the sack. However face wipes rarely remove all make up and impurities, and can actually leave an irritant residue behind, so make the time to fully wash your face in water each day.

3. Skipping Heat Styling Protection

Most hair will require heat styling at some point , so make sure that you apply a heat protecting spray or serum whenever you style. If using heated tongs or straighteners to recreate Taylor Swifts tousled ringlets, try to keep the temperatures as low as possible and avoid using them every day to prevent your locks being damaged.

4. Using Dirty Brushes

Make up brushes frequently get ignored, yet they can harbour bacteria and mould which could easily infect your skin. If you want to try out the latest make up trends as seen on fashion forward starlets in 2014, make sure you wash your brushes at least once a week to prevent contamination of your new products.

5. Ignoring Eye Brows

2013 was all about the power brow, and 2014 looks set to be no different! Celebs know the importance of framing the face, so follow the example of power bro pros such as Catherine Middleton and Cara Delevigne by having your brows professionally shaped and fill them in daily with a brow pencil.

6. Not Changing Make Up Seasonally

Sticking to your old faithful foundation is not wise, as your skin’s needs change with each season. Summer makeup should be lighter and contain SPF, whereas winter products include richer moisturisers and heavier bases to counteract colder climes.

7. Not Using Your Spatula

Each time you dip your finger into a pot of cream you are introducing unknown quantities of bacteria so use a clean spatula every time you apply your product to prevent nasties from contaminating both the cream and your face.

8. Ignoring Your Decolletage

Good skin care does not finish at your face. Your neck and chest are just as exposed to the elements and will quickly show signs of aging unless you take care of the skin right now.

9. Saving Time In The Shower

Despite thoroughly rinsing away your shampoo and conditioner, hair products can leave a residue on skin so make sure that you always wash your face with facial cleansers after washing your hair.

10. Skipping SPF

Modern make up frequently contains SPF, but the concentration is not nearly enough to completely protect you from harmful UV rays, so ensure you always apply a separate high SPF to protect your skin from premature aging and skin cancer.

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