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London Premier Laser is pleased to announce the introduction of its new, innovative technology, Triactive +

Triactive + is a unique device that has been the result of many years’ worth of scientific research and design. It is revolutionary in the way that it uses multiple energies to target varying body and skin issues.

Combating a range of body and skincare issues

This technology can be used to treat many body problems on both men and women, such as cellulite, fat deposits in the skin, flabby skin, fluid retention, heavy leg syndrome and also anti aging.

These issues can be troublesome for many and can only deteriorate further with age or lifestyle. Many people try to hide these issues, and others try surgery solutions in an attempt to combat the problems.

The truth is, many of your skin problems can be solved without the need for surgery or any invasive treatment.

The Triactive + technology is unique as it is not invasive, but it is versatile and powerful – with proven results. A client can see a dramatic change in their skin including better looking, healthier, smoother skin with any previous problems reduced.

Threefold treatment

The Triactive + technology is based on a platform that uses laser, ultrasound and radiofrequency to target problem areas. The combination of the three energies will help to eliminate excess toxins and fluids in the body, whiolst promoting skin elasticity and improving lymphatic drainage.

There are two types of device, one for use on the face and one for the body. These two hand devices have different frequencies, tailored around the type of skin in this body area.
The device acts in three ways;

Stage 1

The Triactive + device will boost the arterial, venous and lymphatic circulation.

Stage 2

The device has a localised cooling system which allows the most amount of re-absorption of the oedema.

Stage 3

The device also promotes a comfortable massage, which stimulates the drainage of excess fluids and enhances the skin’s natural collagen tension. If you are also experiencing muscle pain in this area, the device can soothe these issues also.

Many technicians choose to use this Triactive + device as it is a very simple process which treats a multitude of skin problems, even very complex skin issues.

The Triactive+ Philosophy

The philosophy of this technology is clear – many skin issues need varying treatments simultaneously in order to harmonise the skin and reduce any problems the person has with their skin. The Triactive+ technology utilises a threefold action that targets the problem area and helps to restore the skin’s homeostatic conditions in a pain-free and simple way.

Booking your Triactive+ Treatment

With regular treatments using this method, you can experience radiant and firm, smooth skin which appears younger looking. Book in your Triactive + treatment with London Premier Laser today – and feel the difference from your first session!


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