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Premier Laser Clinic has been included in the G Directory in Glamour magazine which is seen as a beauty bible for Glamour’s readers. The feature mentions the website and the phone number for Premier Laser. The theme was smooth-skin saviours – ‘Once the laser has blasted every single hair, a cooling gel will soothe skin and within weeks you’ll see a serious reduction in hair’.

If there’s one lesson to be learned from celeb break-ups it’s this: never get a tattoo of your significant other’s name. Unless you’ve been married for a good five years. Premier Laser Clinic has confirmed what we always suspected to be true – that very, very few people are glad they got a tattoo of a boyfriend or girlfriend’s name – by releasing a list of their top 10 most requested tattoo removals.

Tattoo removals are an increasing phenomena in modern tattooing, the ability to have some regrettable ink removed a welcome relief for a rising number of people. Tattoo removal company Premier Laser Clinic have recorded a 25% increase in tattoo removals over the past two years and have also compiled a list of the top 10 removed tattoos!
We all know celebrities are no strangers to a dodgy tattoo. We’ve seen everything from Dappy’s hashtag, to the giant rose on Chezza’s arse. Plus Katie Price, who literally slapped a huge cross on her arm to cover up Peter Andre’s name.

But now Premier Laser Clinic has revealed the definitive list of the UK’s most hated tattoos. These rubbish bits of ink are the ones that are most commonly removed, and we’ve found all the celebrities who sport the same terrible tatts.

The list, which is based on a whole five years of taboo tatts, found that the most hated tattoo was having your ex-lover’s name inked on your body, as you’ll inevitably end up breaking up with them. Elsewhere things like tattoo typos, barbed wire, fairies and celtic designs were listed as those most hated by the British public.

The stats show that more than half of people with three or more tattoos regret at least one of their designs.


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